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SERCO offers a range of specialised vehicles. Our in-house design department is able to develop the correct solution to meet your requirements, making use of the latest 3D CAD software. We build to high quality standards and our experience is extensive. We are able to provide the complete solution from conceptualization to hand over.

Dry freight Truck Bodies & Trailers
  • Seamless interior prevents water leaks
  • Smooth exterior finish for professional signage application
  • Durable body construction to allow for extended life
  • Side walls constructive with high strength composites
  • Seamless repair
  • Corrosion resistant panel construction
  • Various load securing devices available

Can be customized to meet any transporters' requirements. Including roll over doors, double stacking and a host of load securing solutions.

Insulated Truck Bodies & Trailers
  • High strength proven design floor
  • High quality insulation for maximum thermal efficiency
  • Side walls constructed from high strength composites
  • Seamless hygienic interior suitable for food products
  • Multi compartment load dividers (optional)
  • Slide on door seals for quick replacement
  • Plug and play electrical fittings for ease of repair
  • Exterior cooler unit protector guard

Can be customized to meet any transporters' requirements. Including roll over doors, multi temperature loads, double stacking and a host of load securing solutions.

Frost Liner-Protec Steel

Serco's New Age Frostliner refrigerated vehicle is manufactured using the latest cutting-edge panel manufacturing technology.

  • Increased durability - panel incorporates durable coated steel facings
  • Outer facings are UV protected with a durable scratch-resistant finish
  • Interior incorporates a food-safe PVC coating
  • Improved thermal performance - high density insulation foam is injected with extreme precision
  • Panel thicknesses have been increased to enhance thermal performance
  • New extruded multi-seal door gaskets provide outstanding sealing performance
  • Low maintenance - After Sales repair is a key factor in reducing life cycle costs and downtime. The ease of repair of Protec Steel Panels enables Serco to offer unsurpassed value.

The new Protec Steel Frost Liner is proudly South African: giving you improved durability, thermal performance and a lower cost of ownership.

The Frost Liner can be customised to meet any transporters' requirements; including roll-over doors, multi temp dividers, double stacking and a host of load securing solutions.

Meat Bodies
  • High strength reinforced side walls and roof
  • High strength proven design floor
  • Double gusseted rear frame with heavy duty door locking gear
  • Seamless hygienic interior suitable for food products
  • Suitable for carrying hanging meat
  • Hot dip galvanized meat rails & hooks
  • Stainless steel & aluminium imported rails & hooks available
Volume Combinations
  • Available for perishable or dry goods
  • Maximise load volumes
  • Interlink combinations designed for through loading
  • Curtain sided Super link trailers
Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Demountable vehicles bodies
  • Day old chick transporters – air-conditioned and naturally ventilated
  • Promotional vehicles
  • Medical vehicles
  • Licensing vehicles
  • Mobile ablutions
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Airport catering vehicles
  • Luggage trailers for luxury coaches



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Our Products & Services

Our dedicated service divisions are conveniently located in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth. This enables Serco to meet the needs of our customers wherever they are located and provide unsurpassed after sales support.

We unequivocally guarantee our truck bodies and trailers against defects in material or workmanship. Our standard terms and conditions apply. 

Refrigerated Vehicle

Insulated truck bodies and trailers for transporting perishable goods.

Dry Freight Vehicle

Truck bodies and trailers for transporting general freight.

Special Purpose

Special purpose vehicles developed with the use of the latest 3D CAD software.


Serco has a range of used refrigerated trailers, prices available on request. 

Spare Parts

SERCO offers a range of quality spares from our nationally situated facilities. 

Repair Service

Dedicated service divisions conveniently located in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape and Port Elizabeth.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

RTM can reduce product losses and improve the Cold Chain.

Load Securing

We offer many Load Securing Systems; transport is safer and more efficient. 

Serco Pre-Owned Trailers

Serco has the following stock of used refrigerated trailers, prices available on request. Trailers include service to cooler unit and certificate of fitness. Available for inspection at our facilities in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town as indicated below. Please contact us to send an enquiry.

Protec Steel Frost Liner

Click on the below image to visit our 3D showroom


SERCO has a reputation for providing high quality products and services. The transport sector is a dynamic industry and serves as the backbone of the South African economy. As the market leader for refrigerated and dry freight vehicles in South Africa, we realize that our continued success is directly related to the talent of our people.

Our core values:

Our goal for Team Serco is to create a sustainable company by working together to be Africa’s leader in truck bodies and trailers.

You may be the perfect fit for SERCO if you can add value and serve our clients in the manner they deserve.

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